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Wohoo! We collected 293,511 signatures to support Happy Cows!

Since kicking off the campaign in October 2012, we’ve organised cow dance flash mobs in the UK, miniature cow herds in Germany, cow protests in the Czech Republic, and a whole host of other cow activities! Why?...well, to raise awareness & rally support to fight the good fight for happy cows! We love our cows and, unlike other farmyard animals, they have no legislative protection…so we’ve been calling on the European Commission to introduce a specific European Directive for dairy cow welfare.

Thank you picture postcards

293,511 lovely Europeans, from all the countries in the EU, supported our campaign and, to celebrate this unprecedented support, we turned 250,000 of your signatures into a giant piece of artwork & took it to the European Commission to demand justice for dairy cows. That’s right! The coloured section of this beautiful bovine artwork was made up of the first names of our cow campaigners, so thank you to all of those supported us – as promised, we really did take you to Brussels!

Achieving legislation at EU level isn’t a roll in the hay, and there is a lot of work still to do, but thanks to you we have sent a clear message to the Commission that Europeans demand happy cows. Although we’re no longer collecting signatures, Ben & Jerry’s, Compassion in World Farming and World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) will continue to fight for better dairy cow welfare & if you would like to support us please get in touch!

For more fun photos of our cow-themed activities, check out the photo & video gallery.

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